End To End


  • Use marker cones to lay out four equal size rectangular areas
  • (Optional): place down soccer goals or hoops as a throwing target at each end of the field
  • 8-10 participants per field


  • Players from 2 opposing teams are paired off and spread the length of the court. On a signal,
    the player with the disc at one end passes the disc to a team-mate in the next zone. This continues until a goal is scored at the other end.


  • Participants are divided into two teams. Place one O/D pair in each outer zone (goal zones), and the remaining pairs evenly distributed between the middle zones.


  • The goal defender of the attacking team starts with the disc.
  • Defenders try to intercept the disc.
  • The goal scorer (attacking player) is the only player who can catch a goal (or shoot at the target). Rotate this position after each goal is scored.
  • No running with the disc.


  • Ensure adequate space for the number of players. Players should have done space/player awareness
    activities before playing (e.g. All in tag). This is important if the zones are made smaller.
  • No body contact.
  • Disc cannot be taken out of the hands of a player.


  • Game rules (easier): defenders must stay 1m from the player with the disc
  • Game rules (easier): players can run with the disc until tagged, or they can take 3 steps before throwing
  • Game rules (harder): teams cannot pass backwards into a zone they have already been through
  • Number of players: play with uneven teams (less defenders)
  • Inclusion: add a fifth zone in the middle of the field and have it be a defence-free zone