Defend The Zone


  • Four cones marking a playing area, around 25m by 15m
  • 6 extra cones or other objects, such as water bottles
  • One disc
  • Two teams of equal size


  • Each team is defending a set of targets. Each team tries to hit or knock over the opposition’s targets with the frisbee


  • Show the participants the playing area and the targets


  • Start the game with a pull
  • Players can run with the frisbee, but must stop when they are tagged (touched) by an opponent and throw the frisbee
  • When the attacking team hits the target, they get a goal, and the defending team now become the attackers
  • If the attacking team drop the frisbee or the defending team block or intercept it, the defending team become the attackers


  • Defenders must be at least 1 metre from the thrower and targets


  • Game rules: increase the difficultly by removing the ability to run with the disc
  • Equipment: increase or decrease the number of targets
  • Time: play to a score cap or a time cap