Base Run


  • Four cones marking out a playing area – allow for about 4-6m² per player
  • One disc


  • Taggers try and tag all runners out of the game
  • Runners try and avoid taggers and make it to the base area


  • Identify the “base” areas, where runners will start and finish each round


  • At least two players start as taggers, while everyone else starts as runners. Taggers use one disc between them
  • The taggers use the disc to tag runners
  • On the signal, all runners try and make it across to the opposite base area without being tagged
  • The taggers can move freely, except for when they have the disc. If they have the disc they must keep one foot in place and try and reach runners
  • Taggers pass the disc between themselves to move the disc to other parts of the playing space
  • Once tagged, runners are either out until the next round, or they become taggers as well



  • Area: smaller makes the game more challenging for runners, larger makes the game more challenging for taggers
  • Number of participants: if taggers are struggling with passing, start with more taggers
  • Time: for quicker rounds, take out the base areas so that runners are active all the time