Backhand Return Relay


  • Mark a starting line and midway line, and place a distant marker to run around (turning point).
  • Form teams of 4-6 participants.
  • Place a disc on the midway line for each team.


  • Players run to a point, return and on the way back, stop, pick up a disc and throw a backhand
    throw to the team-mate next in line, before rejoining the line. This pattern continues as a relay race.


  • Show each team their starting point, disc and turning point.


  • Player 1 runs around the turning point and back towards the team, picking up the disc on the midway line.
  • The disc is thrown backhand to player 2, player 1 joins the end of the team.
  • Player 2 runs to the midway line, deposits the disc and continues to the turning point, then runs back, picks up the disc and throws a backhand throw to player 3.
  • Continue until player 1 is again at the head of the line.


  • Ensure there is sufficient space between teams to allow for stray throws.


  • Area: Vary distance to midway line and turning point.
  • Game rules: Do a turning point activity – e.g. the runner has to move between 2 markers with a novelty activity (e.g. army crawl).
  • Inclusion: Instead of placing the disc on the midway line, a player with limited mobility or throwing ability is situated at the midway line and an appropriate pass or handover is made.