APL Team Registration Rules

  1. Single Season Structure: Each season, unless otherwise stated, consists of a regular season and a single Finals Night. The regular season consists of all rounds in the season up to (but not including) the Finals Night.  The Finals Night games are based on each division’s regular season placings and are as follows: 1v2, 3v4, 6v7, and 8v9; 5 has a bye.  There will be a minimum one week break between the Finals Night and the start of the next season.
  2. Team Eligibility: A minimum of five men and five women are required to register any team. No players may register for more than one team.
  3. Promotion and Relegation: The teams for promotion to a higher division for the next season are the top two teams after the regular season; ie. those teams that play the 1v2 final. The teams for relegation to a lower division for the next season are the bottom two teams after the regular season.
  4. Priority Registration: teams playing in the current season, with less than three forfeits (including technical forfeits), will receive priority registration to the League for the upcoming season, with the specific division determined by the relegation and promotion process.  If a team has three or more forfeits, they lose priority registration, and are considered last for any available places in any division they register for.  If a team splits, priority is retained by the team with the most continuing players assuming they meet the minimum of five continuing players.
  5. New and Returning Teams: if there are any vacancies in a division, they are offered to new or returning teams who register for that specific division. When more than one team is looking for entry into the division with a vacancy, the selection is made by the following criteria in order: (1) the team that has unsuccessfully registered for the League the most number of times, (2) any returning teams which have played in previous seasons but are not playing in the current season, (3) randomly (dice roll or equivalent).
  6. Under Capacity Division: If teams fail to re-register for a division and no additional teams nominate for that division, the APLC will offer the vacancies to teams who have registered for an adjacent division.  If necessary, the APLC reserves the right to adjust the number of teams promoted or relegated to balance the League.
  7. SOTG: As the Albert Park League Committee (APLC) is a volunteer organisation, teams are requested to abide by all registration rules, in accordance with the Spirit of the Game. These registration rules are applied by the League Coordinator, and decisions ratified by the APLC. The APLC reserves the right to refuse entry to any team that works against the spirit of these rules.

Registration Timeline


The following timetable for registration events will occur:

  • Monday two weeks from Finals Night: Registrations open for two weeks through Ultimate Central. All players and teams are marked as “pending”; no payments are required until registrations are “approved”.
  • Monday Finals Night: Registrations close for the next season: strictly no extensions to registration time, and only teams registering the minimum players (5 men and 5 women) will be considered.
  • Thursday three days after Finals Night: Announcement of successful continuing and new teams, along with division allocations.  Once teams are in their final division and players have been approved, the registration system will be reopened to allow payments and roster adjustments for all teams.
  • Monday before Round 1 of the new season: Fixture announced, at least for first round.
  • Monday Round 1 of the new season: Last day for registered player payments.