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    Ultimate Victoria

    Ultimate Victoria is the State Sporting Association
    for the sport of Ultimate in Victoria.

Secondary Schools

Ultimate Victoria is a partner of and officially recognised by School Sport Victoria.

Why Play Ultimate?


  1. Non-contact – as a non-contact sport it is a great, safe sport for students of all ages, sizes and abilities.
  2. Self-refereed – the self-refereeing aspect of Ultimate encourages a mature response to competitive situations.
  3. Skill Acquisition – the task of throwing a frisbee accurately and catching it successfully is great for the development of hand-eye co-ordination.
  4. Fun – we regularly find that students who wouldn’t usually get involved in PE really take an interest in Ultimate.
  5. Co-ed – Ultimate is most commonly played with both men and women. Most leagues in Australia are mixed!

Ultimate is a unique sport that fosters many traditional fundamental motor skills, as well as requiring new frisbee specific skills. The game itself develops many fundamental motor skills such as running, leaping and the vertical jump. Ultimate also develops hand-eye co-ordination and catching skills as well as the unique forehand, backhand and overhead throwing skills needed to propel the disc. These new skills are easy and fun to learn and many of the movements can be adapted from other sports.

In a time when sedentary children are often considered the norm, Ultimate can inspire participants to live active lives. The fast-paced game of Ultimate is a fantastic cardio workout with many new skills to master. The game is always entertaining.

Ultimate can be modified to suit different playing abilities. Simply playing throw and catch has many health benefits as you chase and jump attempting to make a catch.


Ultimate also provides a unique approach to officiating, allowing the players to resolve disputes without a referee. The Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is the governing rule of the sport that entrusts players to play within the rules in an honest and friendly-yet-competitive environment. SOTG allows players many opportunities for leadership as well as situations for players to practice conflict resolution that can easily be transferred to other areas of life. SOTG is best defined as: Play hard; play fair. 

PE Class Instructors


Ultimate Victoria can provide experienced instructors for your school’s PE classes to teach your students the basic skills, how to play a game and how to self-officiate while playing.

Our instructors are often current club or state representative players. They are enthusiastic about sharing their skills,  inclusive of all students regardless of ability, and committed to provide a safe, fun experience!

We offer a variety of instructor services, working with your curriculum planning and school budget. Please contact us if you are interested and we’ll give you a call to discuss options.

Staff PD


Australian Flying Disc Association’s (AFDA) Level 1 Community Coaching Course is available to take online.

This coaching course will provide participants with an understanding and skill set to introduce and teach the sport of Ultimate to beginners.

This course would be highly beneficial to teachers that would like to introduce Ultimate to their students and include it as a weekly sport, or for preparation for participating in or facilitating inter-school Ultimate competitions.

AFDA is offering the course and accreditation for free throughout 2021.

Visit the UA Clubhouse website for more information or to start taking the course.

Interschool Competitions



The 2021 event took place on Tuesday March 30th at Royal Park, Parkville. Click here for the event wrap-up.


This event will take place in October 2021 (date TBC) at Royal Park, Parkville. Please contact us if you wish to be notified when details are confirmed.

2022 Events

In 2022 we will be running three divisions – Years 11/12 (Term 1), Years 9/10 (Term 1) and Years 7/8 (Term 4)

Past Events

See results from past UV HSSC events in 20192018 & 2017.  

Supported by School Sport Victoria. 

Disc Sales

Disc Sales

Single disc = $20

Pack of 15 discs = $280

Postage is included in the price.

World Flying Disc Federation approved discs.

To purchase discs from Ultimate Victoria, please email admin [at] ultimatevictoria.com.au. Please include the number of discs you would like to purchase and the details for delivery in the correspondence.

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