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Melbourne Hat is being revamped for 2019 and we are excited about the coming changes. We’ve listened to your feedback and We are committed to making Melbourne Hat the ideal of fun accessible ultimate. We are throwing everything at making Melbourne Hat the vanguard of gender equity in ultimate. To that end let us take you through some of the changes for the 2019 Equity Melbourne Hat.

Starting with a simple one – we want the hat to be more fun; a festival of ultimate. With a more relaxed schedule with time for games (spikeball, double disc, trickshots), music and socialising.  Saturday afternoon will have food trucks (included in price), music, games and drinks available to lead in to a reinvigorated party.

Our goals for the Equity Hat are two fold; increasing female participation and improving the tournament experience. To achieve this we need your support, but we do not ask for this without real action. This is what Melbourne Hat will do to push for equity.

  • This year’s tournament will be played with 6 players on the field instead of 7. 3 women, 3 men.
  • The number of spaces for male players will be tied to the number of women registered to ensure more even teams and that women are not playing savage.
  • We are providing an early bird discount of $20 for female sign ups
  • We will provide resources, education and explicit communication about inclusive on field play. Inclusivity will be expected of all our players, we will be looking for volunteers excited to champion this.

There are also other important changes coming to the hat, mainly from your feedback!

  • We will be improving the team compositions by collecting more data on sign up (height, fittness, how long you’ve played, highest recent level, throwing skill).
  • Discs will be Discraft and optional.
  • The shirts will be reversible and reusable at future Hats, meaning from 2020 they will be optional purchases – significant cost savings for you and better for the world.

We are opening registration as early as possible to make planning and booking flights easy for people travelling from interstate. The Melbourne Hat team will be aiming to keep you updated regularly via the Melbourne Hat and Ultimate Victoria facebook pages, as well as email.

Melbourne hat has been and can still be a fantastic celebration of ultimate in Australia. Get around it! Register here: https://afda.com/e/melbourne-hat-2019

For basic info on location/accommodation see: https://www.ultimatevictoria.com.au/tournaments/themelbournehat/

We want to hear any and all feedback or questions, please get in touch at Melbournehat@gmail.com.

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