Ultimate Australia Coach Accreditation

Ultimate Australia provides formal coach education through accredited UA Coach courses.

Community Coach – Level 1

Level 1 accreditation gives participants the knowledge and skills to teach groups of new players how to play ultimate. Experience playing ultimate is not a pre-requisite.

The Level 1 – Community Coach Course will teach you the skills required to get a beginner group playing and enjoying Ultimate Frisbee. Completion of the course and it’s co-requisite requirements takes approximately 5.5 hours.

Coaches can take this training at any time, and at their own pace, with all training and assessment to attain the Level 1 qualification provided online.

This course is usually valued at $37.99 (inc. GST) but is provided free of charge for the time being. 

UV can also deliver in-person coach training for groups based at clubs, schools and organisations. Those interested in hosting the course for their members, students or volunteers to gain Level 1 accreditation should contact us to discuss options.

Development Coach – Level 2

The online component of the Development Coach Course is also now online. This course is tailored for prospective coaches of Division 2 club teams, University teams, Under-18 State teams, or Under-22 State teams.

This course features a blended approach to learning, including online and face-to-face components.

Ultimate Victoria will arrange the delivery of the face-to-face component of the course whenever enrolments in the online course reach an appropriate threshold. The face-to-face course is held for a full day on a weekend and involves the planning and delivery of a short skill session, as well as practical lessons on coaching ultimate.

UV Instructor

Ultimate Victoria runs their own Instructor education and certification program for volunteers to learn how to teach basic throwing and catching skills to new players, allowing them to run introductory clinics at schools, universities and ultimate clubs. This is free of charge to complete.