Volunteer of the Month – May 2019

Congratulations Jasper Luis, you are Ultimate Victoria’s Volunteer of the Month!

Jasper Luis plays a huge coaching and administrative role for Deakin Ultimate. He is a key part of the club’s recent success and development. Jasper has sat on the Deakin Ultimate committee for the past two years. During this time, he has run social training sessions for the club. Jasper runs thoughtful sessions and makes everybody feel welcome and included. In 2018, Jasper was coach, captain and a selector of the bronze-medal winning men’s team at University Nationals.

Jasper was also a part of the coaching team and a selector for the 2018 Victorian U22 women’s team The Weedy Seadragons. Jasper is a great ally for women’s ultimate and empowers younger players to reach their potential. He was a supportive and knowledgeable coach for the U22s and was well respected by the cohort. 

On top of all of this, Jasper finds the fire (and time) to play for Chilli Ultimate who recently competed at the 2019 Division 1 Australian Ultimate Championships.

Thank you, Jasper, for everything that you do for the ultimate community in Victoria. We really appreciate it!

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