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Victorian Under-22 Teams Announced

Ultimate Victoria is please to announce the teams that will be representing Victoria at the inaugural Australian Under-22 National Championships.

Congratulations to the following players selected on the Victorian Women’s, Men’s and Mixed teams:

Alex Prentice
Caroline Ma
Genevieve Grose
Georgia Sullivan
Georgina Burchett
Juliette Cowley
Kate Robertson
Kurstin Banks
Myriam Vinot
Rachael Mihatsch
Sally Yu
Shu Min Chan
Siena Go
Sophie Bell
Stephanie Chong
Zoe Jelinek
Adrian Lim
Ashley Evans
Blake Nicholls
Cameron Lyon
James Leen
Jasper Pentland
Jeffrey Ding
Joshua de Bell
Joshua Lipari
Joshua Pereira
Michael Lau
Michael Truong
Patrick Graham
Patrick Jelinek
Ryan Leaney
Sam Jacobs
Thomas Deller
Tom Bissett
Tom Boyle
Lewis Short
Aidan Graham
Anthony O’Hagan
Cameron Gibbs
Damon Prendergast
Deborah Lorca
Elise Bos
Gabby Cunningham
Harry O’Hagan
Hayley Tan
Jonathon Pereira
Katelyn Lusted
Kelvin Wicks
Lilly Baring
Madison Donehue
Monica Ireland
Nick Koschitzke
Sam Rothstadt
Simar Dhaliwal

Thank you to all those who tried out, and good luck to those selected to represent Victoria!

The Under-22 National Championships will be held in Geelong on 26 – 27 November.

To stay up-to-date, visit the official Australian Under-22 Ultimate Championships Facebook page.

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