Level 1 Requirements

To become a Level 1 club, maintain Level 1 status, or to pursue higher levels, each of the following requirements must be met on an annual basis.

  • Proof of incorporation
  • Copy of Association Rules
  • Committee member details
  • Representative at UV AGM
  • All members registered with AFDA
  • Five members completing Safe Play Quiz

Proof of Incorporation

When a club or community group incorporates, it becomes a ‘legal person’ – that is, a legal entity that stays the same even if its members change. It can enter into contracts in its own name; for example, to borrow money or buy equipment. This protects the individual members of the association from legal liabilities.

Ultimate Victoria requires affiliated clubs to be incorporated so they can make seasonal field bookings, host events and seek funding agreements.

Consumer Affairs Victoria requires an annual statement to be submitted in order to maintain incorporated status. The annual statement will require you to have prepared a financial statements, as well as have the contact details of your current committee. You will receive an email reminder each year from CAV.

There is a cost to incorporate and to submit each annual statement. You need to factor this cost into your club’s budget each year.

What to send to UV: a copy of your club’s incorporation certificate when the club is founded, and proof that an annual statement was submitted to CAV each year after.

University and school clubs can submit a letter from their university or school confirming they are affiliated with the university or school in place of this requirement.

Copy of Association Rules

Every incorporated club must have rules. The rules are a written document that guide how your club operates at the committee level. They form a contract between the association and its members as to how the committee operates and makes decisions. They set out your club’s purposes, and list the major rights and responsibilities of members and office holders.

UV has a template you can use that fulfils the legal requirements of a new club.

Model Rules for an incorporated club

Over time you should review your club’s rules and ensure they are still reflective of how you wish to operate. UV can assist with a review of your rules. New rules must be presented to your members at an AGM to be accepted, and submitted to CAV with your annual statement if they are updated.

What to send to UV: a copy of your club’s association rules when the club is founded, and an updated copy whenever they are changed

Committee Member Details

While UV will maintain a main and secondary contact for each club, we also keep a register of all committee members. This helps us understand how many key volunteers are around the state and allows us to contact them with items that may interest them specifically if they have a set role at your club.

What to send to UV: a list of club committee members with their phone numbers and email addresses

UV highly recommends that all club committee members complete our Club Committee Induction course to understand their responsibilities and the key functions of a committee.


Representative at UV AGM

UV holds its Annual General Meeting around September/October each year. It is important that our affiliated clubs are represented at this meeting to understand our financial position and strategic direction, as that can help guide major decisions your club makes. It also allows someone from your club to act as a proxy for your members (provided they register) on voting matters.

What to send to UV: have at least one club member register and attend our AGM. AGM notices are published via our website, social media and email newsletter each year.

All members registered with AFDA

Members of affiliated clubs are covered by AFDA’s injury insurance and public liability insurance provided they are a registered participant. To be a registered participant, they must create an account on the AFDA website with the following information in their profile

  • A current phone number
  • Their date of birth
  • Their current residential address
  • An emergency contact

Accounts set up on the AFDA website will automatically carry over to any other Ultimate Central site based in Australia, including UV’s and clubs connected with UV. If you are not sure if your club’s UC site is connected with ours, please contact us.

While it is not a requirement of UV affiliation, it is highly recommended clubs use Ultimate Central to track their membership so that they can access member information when needed (such as to call their emergency contact after an injury), and also for UV to monitor participation growth in their area – vital when it comes to getting access to better fields and choosing where events are hosted!

To set this up in Ultimate Central, go to UV’s UC page, or your own club’s UC page, and click Add Event. Ensure that the following settings are in place:

  • Ultimate Victoria is set as the Parent Page
  • Public is unchecked,
  • The date range is for a full 12 months.

Whoever is added as an Event Coordinator will be able to see who is registered so consider adding extra committee members or volunteers.

What to send UV: no documentation is required to be prepared and sent – we can observe registrations based on postcodes, and will contact your club if we believe participation numbers and registration numbers are inconsistent.

University clubs and school clubs are exempt from this requirement if their activities only take place on their campus or school grounds, where they are covered by their university or school insurance policy.

Five members completing Safe Play Quiz

UV has created an online quiz on elements of AFDA’s Safe Play policies


Being equipped with the key elements of each policy allows your club to ensure its members are safe when playing or participating in club activities.

It is recommended that at least five club members complete the quiz, so you can be certain that at least one person in attendance at every session or activity knows the key elements of each policy. They can be committee members, coaches or regular players.

UV will update the quiz whenever AFDA update the relevant policies, so the quiz should be completed every 12 months.

What to send UV: the full names of at least five members of your club who have completed the quiz in the last 12 months

Support provided to Level 1 clubs

  • Advocacy for field or facility bookings
  • Access to online Club Committee Induction
  • Access to online UV Instructor Induction
  • Club page on UV website
  • Club email address on UV domain
  • Referrals from enquiries made in club’s local area
  • Ideas and advice on available grants and funding