Level 4 Requirements

To become a Level 4 club, or maintain Level 4 status, each of the following requirements must be met on an annual basis.

  • All Level 1 Requirements, Level 2 Requirements and Level 3 Requirements
  • Social media engagement report
  • Inclusion Self-Assessment and action plan
  • At least two AFDA Level 1 coaches appointed at your club
  • At least four committee members completing Play By The Rules online courses
  • Host a UV participation program


Promoting and showcasing your club via social media is great to be able to advertise your activities at no cost. As your club grows you are likely to start putting more effort into your social media content, but you need to keep track of what is working.

Facebook has a tool available to those who run Pages and Instagram accounts to show how many people are seeing the content they are making. Looking at these insights can tell you what to put more effort into and what to do less of so your energy invested into social media gets the best results.

UV makes use of this data from clubs to track how many people are being made aware of our sport in their local area, and also pursue wider opportunities such as media coverage and commercial partnerships.

To download your Social Media Engagement report…

  1. Go to your Facebook page and open the Meta Business Suite
  2. Choose Insights
  3. Choose Content
  4. In the top right, change the date range to the last 12 months (Custom, choose the start date first, then the end date, then Update)
  5. Choose Export

This will download a .CSV file, which you can send to UV to fulfil this requirement.

The report that you download is useful to look at as a club. What type of content gets the highest reach? Does the time of week or time of day content is posted affect the reach? What type of content gets the most comments and shares? Use these insights to decide what kind of content you will focus on, and what you might want to improve.

What to send to UV: the .CSV file downloaded from Meta Business Suite. No changes to the file are needed before sending as we collate the data sent from all clubs with our own data.

If you want some guidance on putting together a communications strategy, UV has some club resources available to use.

Communications Strategy Template

Social Media Calendar template

Getting The Word Out - Putting together visual resources to promote your club


As your club grows in membership size, it is good to evaluate your practices and actions to ensure you are attracting as many potential members as possible. Running an inclusion self-assessment can help you identify any “blind spots” you may have as a club, and enable you to identify things you can do to help underrepresented populations feel welcome.

While it may be tempting to try and correct everything all at once, it is better to pick 3-4 focus areas at a time to ensure you are investing the appropriate amount of energy in getting them right. Most of these actions will involve multiple people at your club, so a narrow focus will have the greatest chance of success.

UV can assist clubs with resources and networking to help your club identify actions to take if you are not sure where to start on an area you would like to address.

Club Inclusion Self-Assessment

What to send to UV: a copy of your club’s Inclusion Self-Assessment, complete with comments of what areas you are choosing to focus on and actions to take.


AFDA offers online coach training for club volunteers who are looking to help teach new players to play. The course is 100% online and free to complete at the moment.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of coaching ultimate, and is designed to equip volunteers with the skills to not just teach throwing, catching and games, but also how to be a good instructor and leader for new players!

There are already over 90 Level 1 coaches in Victoria – many aren’t even ultimate players and have taken the course to be able to teach the sport in schools.

UV highly encourages all clubs to have coaches with Level 1 qualifications so that all new players are getting a consistent introduction to the sport no matter which club they join.

What to send to UV: simply tell us what coaches have been appointed to your beginner level programs when they commence. We can track their accreditation status through AFDA.

School clubs are exempt from this requirement.


To ensure your club can provide a safe and welcoming environment for new players on an ongoing basis, it is important that your club’s committee members are equipped with the knowledge on how to manage interpersonal issues that can sometimes arise in group settings.

AFDA has adopted the National Integrity Framework to manage serious issues that may occur, but clubs still hold responsibility for the initial identification and handling of such issues.

Play By The Rules offers online training for sporting club volunteers in Complaint Handling and Harassment & Discrimination. By having a number of committee members complete these courses, you are able to give your current and prospective members assurance they have multiple avenues to have their concerns addressed.

What to send to UV: completion certificates for at least four current committee members who have completed the online courses

While it is not a requirement, UV highly recommends your club has a volunteer complete the Member Protection Information Officer training so they can be appointed to that role at your club.

Member Protection Information Officers play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures – they are the ‘go to’ person if you want to discuss problems at your club/association, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint.


UV has a number of branded participation programs that clubs can deliver to increase the number of new members at their club.

Participation programs differ from typical come-and-try opportunities in the following ways

  • Structured program sessions: the programs follow a set four-session delivery plan that eases participants into playing rather than have them playing a full game upon their first attendance.
  • Branded promotion: UV have marketing materials for this program that have been developed with the assistance of VicHealth and health marketing specialists to appeal to each target audience.
  • Income for clubs: successful delivery of these programs can create a steady revenue stream for clubs to help fund other activities.

Planning for these programs requires a long lead time (at least six months) as UV will require your club to have a number of things in place to increase the chances of success.

If your club is interested in delivering one of these programs, please contact us.

What to send to UV: we will be working closely with your club on the planning and delivery of these programs, so we will be recording which clubs run them ourselves

Support provided to Level 4 clubs

  • All support provided to Level 1, 2 and 3 clubs
  • Customised digital promotional material
  • Customised online Club Committee Induction course
  • Use of mobile EFTPOS terminal
  • Discount on UV asset rent for events
  • Assistance with sustainability planning
  • Assistance with risk management planning
  • Assistance with club-specific objectives