Level 3 Requirements

To become a Level 3 club, maintain Level 3 status, or to pursue higher levels, each of the following requirements must be met on an annual basis.

  • All Level 1 Requirements and Level 2 Requirements
  • Most recent club financial report
  • Club strategic plan
  • Hosted a Recreational or Competitive event
  • Entered a team in a Competitive event
  • External volunteer recognition, such as an award nomination


Part of the annual statement your club submits to Consumer Affairs Victoria each year includes information on the club’s financial standing. This is to ensure the club is financially viable and not running into debt.

Preparing a financial report to present at your annual general meeting is something you should consider as your club’s membership grows. It provides transparency for your members as to how the club’s income is being spent, can help guide major decisions for the committee, and also helps incoming committee members understand the operations of the club.

UV has a template that clubs can use to generate this report, or clubs can use their own.

Club Budget & Financial Report Template

What to send to UV: a copy of your most recent financial report, that shows major income sources and expenditure items from the previous 12 months


Strategic Planning for sporting clubs or organisations is:

  • a way to gain consensus – sharing and working towards a vision for the future which can develop cohesion amongst members
  • a tool which enables club members to focus on specific outcomes
  • a tool that allows and encourages an opportunity for ownership by the club
  • an opportunity for development of the club’s purpose and autonomy
  • a dynamic and ongoing process where goals are ‘time framed’ to ensure a sense of achievement
  • an avenue for the club to define its challenges and prepare to address them
  • a management tool to be used for effective interaction with external bodies.

UV Strategic Plan 2022-2025

What to send to UV: a copy of your club’s strategic plan, whenever a new one is adopted or an existing one is updated.

Hosted a Recreational or Competitive level event

While UV is proud to put on major events around the state every year, the majority of our members enjoy opportunities to play in smaller local events put on by clubs.

Hosting an event is a great way to recruit and retain members, upskill your volunteers, and raise money for your club.

Your club can either act as a host club for a UV Event, or run your own UV Sanctioned event.

What to send to UV: no documentation is required to be prepared and sent – we can track this through Ultimate Central

School clubs are exempt from this requirement.

Entered a team in a UV Event

Tournaments are what we play for! Ultimate Victoria has released a new Events Plan that maps out the key tournaments that will take place over the next two years. We aim to provide clubs with the opportunity to plan their own progress and development on the field over that time.

UV Events Plan 2022-2024

The following tournaments are regarded as UV Events, with more to be added in the coming years.

  • Victorian Ultimate Championships (February)
  • University Mixed Ultimate Championships (June)
  • UV High School State Championships (September)
  • Victorian Mixed Ultimate Championship (September)

What to send to UV: no documentation is required to be prepared and sent – we can track this through Ultimate Central

External volunteer recognition

Close to 2.5 million people volunteer in sport and recreation activities each year in Australia and many clubs are made up entirely of a volunteer workforce like hours. It is the unique part of Australian sport.

Taking the time to have your volunteers recognised outside of your club shows that your appreciate their hard work, and also raises the profile of your club in the local area.

External recognition can take many forms

  • A newspaper or online community publication featuring an article about someone at your club
  • Nomination for a volunteer award through your local council
  • Nomination for recognition by AFDA
  • Nomination for a community sport award at the Victorian Sport Awards

What to send to UV: evidence of external recognition of one of your club volunteers

Support provided to Level 3 clubs

  • All support provided to Level 1 and 2 clubs
  • A seat on UV Club Advisory Committee
  • Assistance with grant and funding applications
  • Assistance with committee and volunteer succession planning
  • Assistance with creating a marketing strategy
  • An instructor attending the club to run face-to-face components of AFDA Coaching Courses
  • Assistance with club-specific objectives