Level 2 Requirements

To become a Level 2 club, maintain Level 2 status, or to pursue higher levels, each of the following requirements must be met on an annual basis.

  • All Level 1 Requirements
  • Minutes from the most recent club annual general meeting
  • A copy of the club’s committee member position descriptions
  • Member Demographic Report
  • At least three UV Volunteer of the Month nominations
  • Run at least four weeks of come-and-try or pickup games

Minutes from the most recent AGM

Conducting an annual general meeting is a key function of an incorporated club. It allows the committee to present to the members on the current standing of the club, and set an agenda or plan for the upcoming year. It is also a chance for the club’s members to have input on how the club is run, and to run for a committee position.

Your AGM must be held within 5 months of the end of your club’s financial year. For most clubs, the end of financial year is June 30, so the AGM must be held before the end of November.

How your AGM is conducted will depend on your association rules. Ultimate Victoria has prepared a guide on how to plan and conduct your AGM, as well as a template for the minutes that must be recorded.

Club AGM Checklist

Club AGM Agenda & Minutes Template

What to send to UV: a copy of the minutes from the club’s annual general meeting

Committee Member Position Descriptions

Position descriptions are an important tool to help with recruitment for volunteer roles. Often club members will only see what the most visible and passionate volunteers are doing and believe that is the level of energy and commitment required, so will feel it is too much for them to take on. By having a clear outline and expectations of what is needed “behind the scenes”, members are more likely to see a committee role as something they can take on.

A regular review of these position descriptions is also useful for your club’s succession planning (ie: finding someone to take over key roles). It is good chance to sit down with your current committee to see if the positions and responsibilities they are still relevant to how the club runs, and whether any new roles are required to help evenly distribute duties.

Sharing these position descriptions with UV allows us to see what resources and support is needed for volunteers in club committee roles so we can develop them ourselves or seek external expertise.

UV has some templates available for common committee roles.

Sample Position Descriptions for committee members and volunteers (ZIP file)

What to send to UV: a copy of your club’s committee member position descriptions, and an updated copy whenever they are changed

Member Demographic Report

As part of our government funding agreements, UV is asked to keep track of the number of members and participants that belong to certain groups among the general population. Some of this information we can draw as non-identifiable data from event registration, but some we need to gather from clubs.

Having this information also allows us to understand the needs of our player base, what we can do better for underrepresented population groups, and measure the effectiveness of targeted initiatives.

The Member Demographic Report is simply a summary of your club’s members, participant and volunteer numbers. We do not ask for identifiable information about any individuals, and we trust your club to track and report that information in a way that suits your members and participants.

UV Member Demographic Report

What to send to UV: a copy of the Member Demographic Report for your club

At least three UV Volunteer of the Month nominations

Every month UV recognises someone from the ultimate community around the state whose efforts are helping others enjoy their experience playing our great sport! Nominating key volunteers at your club is a great way to recognise their efforts and let the rest of the community know that you appreciate them.

Go to the UV Volunteers page and scroll down to see previous winners of the award, and to submit your own nomination.

What to send to UV: no documentation is required to be prepared and sent. Simply submit VOTM nominations on a regular basis. We will keep track of how many your club submits.

At least four weeks of come-and-try or pickup games

The most crucial component of our sport’s growth – chances to play!

Providing an opportunity for people to play can support your club in a number of ways

  • Member recruitment and growth – UV is able to direct potential players to your club if there is an opportunity for them to play locally.
  • Fundraising – a well-run social league or organised pickup at the start of a season can raise money to cover your club’s annual costs such as field hire.
  • Receiving grants – Numerous grants are available each year to clubs to help pay for coaching, equipment and advertising for beginner programs.
  • Access to fields – clubs that provide an open playing opportunity to residents in their area are far more likely to get seasonal field bookings than clubs that don’t. Being able to demonstrate to councils that your club in increasing sport participation in their area, even for just a few weeks each year, will get you access to better fields and facilities such as change rooms and pavilions.

To fulfil this requirement, registration for come-and-try or pickup must be set up on UV’s UC page, or your own club’s UC page, and all participants must be registered. When setting the event up, ensure that UV is set as the parent page.

What to send UV: no documentation is required to be prepared and sent – we can observe registration through the Ultimate Central platform, and will contact your club if we believe participation numbers and registration numbers are inconsistent.

University clubs and school clubs are exempt from this requirement if their activities only take place on their campus or school grounds.

Support provided to Level 2 clubs

  • All support provided to Level 1 clubs
  • Digital and printed promotional material
  • Sharing club-made content on UV social media channels
  • Advice and resources for event hosting
  • Assistance with club governance review and development
  • Assistance with creating an action plan for new member recruitment and retention
  • Assistance with creating a club strategic plan