Child Safety – Information for Participants


The three key messages to always keep in mind are:

  1. Disc sports should be fun, safe and enjoyable.
  2. You should never feel uncomfortable around others in disc sports, particularly adults.
  3. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable, it’s OK to speak up.  We want you to tell an adult that you trust – whether that’s your Mum or Dad, guardian, coach, team manager, UV staff member, club board member or another member of your club or family.


We believe that all children and young people involved in disc sports should:

  • Feel comfortable;
  • Feel safe;
  • Have a right to contact your parents/guardians or others if you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or distressed at any time when you are involved in disc sports;
  • Be provided with clear directions and given the chance to positively change your behaviour if staff, coaches, volunteers or officials believe that you have broken any rules or policies or you have misbehaved;
  • NOT be subject to disciplinary action involving verbal or physical punishment, or any form of treatment that could reasonably be considered cruel, frightening, humiliating or like you are being put down; and
  • Contribute suggestions or feedback about programs or activities.


Ultimate Victoria has a Child Safety Policy and a Member Protection Policy that aims to make sure you are protected from harm.  When involved in disc sports, we want it to be enjoyable for everyone. So, we’ll try to make sure that activities are suitable for your age and development and are led by qualified people.

Ultimate Victoria commits to:

  • Doing our best to make sure that you are protected from harm;
  • Supervising your involvement in disc sports in Victoria;
  • Obtaining parent/guardian permission in writing before we can:
    • take you to a tournament;
    • arrange overnight stays; and/or
    • provide transport to another location.
  • Trying to make sure that you are not alone with staff, coaches or volunteers where they can’t be seen by other adults;
  • Making sure that staff, coaches and volunteers stay within their role. This means that they cannot be employed for looking after you or visiting you at your home unless with the permission of your Parent/Guardian. They are not allowed to friend you on Facebook, take photos or footage of you for Instagram, Snap Chat, TikTok or other forms of social media unless they are doing this through official UV or club communication channels with the consent of your parent/guardian. 
  • Communication between you and coaches, officials and volunteers in our sport must be regarding your involvement in disc sports unless your Parent/Guardian has given their permission for you to have contact with them at a particular time;
  • Guiding participants fairly, respectfully and appropriate to their age and background;
  • Reporting and responding to any incidents of abuse or neglect towards teens involved in disc sports.
  • Our staff, coaches and volunteers wearing a uniform and/or clearly making themselves known to you when they are on duty.


  • If at any stage you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried, you should let your parent/guardian or a trusted adult at the club know what has happened – they will want to support you.
  • All you need to do is tell someone about what happened and they will do their best to make sure that you feel safe and protected from harm.


When you are involved in disc sports, you also have some responsibilities. These include:

  • Knowing, following and applying the rules of the sport you are playing;
  • Avoiding fouling other participants wherever possible;
  • Remembering that there are others involved. You are certainly free to choose your own friends. However, don’t prevent other teens or younger kids from enjoying and participating in disc sports;
  • Listening to others and respecting their opinions;
  • Letting a member/parent/guardian know if you are unhappy or you don’t feel safe.